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Preseason 2017

Before starting any official country league there is a tournament for the the different clubs from the different country. This preseason friendly game was organized just to get the players in form and get to know who is more reliable to play in upcoming leagues.

Preseason also give chances to the younger player to show their talent. Any team will get the enough substitution to show their talent and get the team spirit and will also be able to create chances to be in the main squad. This friendly matches will also able to gain the new tactics and bond between the manager in the field as players were out for a while.

The friendly preseason also can be known as International Champions Cup (ICC), which is an annual club association football friendly exhibition competition. The ICC 2017 will begin at 5:05 PM (Nepalese Time) on Tuesday,July 18 . There are 3 different countries hosting the ICC 2017 match. USA, Singapore and China. 

In USA, there are 8 different teams from different respective countries’ league, who are able to be in the league are,

  1. Real Madrid  CF (Spain)

  2. Paris Saint-Germain (France)

  3. Juventus (Italy)

  4. Manchester United (England)

  5. Manchester City (England)

  6. FC Barcelona (Spain)

  7. AS Roma (Italy)

  8. Totenham Hotspur (England)

In Singapore, there are 3 different teams from different respective countries’ league, who are able to be in the league are,
  1. FC Internazionale (Italy)

  2. Chelsea FC (England)

  3. FC Bayern Munich (Germany)


In China, there are 6 different teams from different respective countries’ league, who are able to be in the league are, but in China Bayern Munich and FC Internazionale  will also be going to play beside playing in China.

  1.  AC Milan (Italy)

  2. FC Bayern Munich (Germany)

  3. Arsenal (England)

  4. Borussia Dortmund (Germany)

  5. FC Internazionale (Italy)

  6. Olympique Lyonnais (France)

Most successful club(s): Real Madrid (3 titles)
Number of teams: 3–17
If you want to know more about the preseason friendly exhibition matches, please click here. Get to know about your team fixtures and support your club.


Is football’s future in good hand ?

We all had witnessed that there was lot ongoing in the past months about the U-17,U-19, U-20 and currently running U-21 European championship. So, there’s been much going competition and improving on the under-national squad which will allow some players to promote to national squad, which is the most honorable things that matter to a player.

Recently gone U-20 FIFA World Cup which was hosted by Korea Republic was won by England national under-20 football team. England beat the Venezuela in the final and clinch the title. However, Argentina possessed the most titles by 6, which made them, they had produced a good under squad and promoted to senior national squad back in past.

Similarly there is now currently running U-21 European Championship (hosted by Poland) where Germany and Spain are having the title fight on Saturday. Italy had 5 titles where they had once won 3 titles in a row, which makes them the most win one.

Now, in October India are going to host the U-17 World Cup for the very first time. They are very being surprised that they beholding this opportunity.

So, under national squad are being very busy in every two years. They are participating in a very competitive matches which we can make sure that the national team we support are only not having the good team build up from base but the best one are coming.

No wonder women can play.

Today we can see that women are too on the field that they are not behind, actually they never did. In the world of football today women made a impressive place in the FIFA and also UEFA, which are the two most respected union of football association in the world.

Thus, the ranking of the women’s football provided by  FIFA : RANK .

Recently 2015 World Cup was won by USA who already had clinched already 2 titles and 3 including this. However, USA top the ranking table with some impressive performance over the past 12 years. The world cup 2015 was hosted by Canada, who itself cannot top up to semi.

Also UEFA European champions had their giants Germany, who had won the UEFA European Women’s Championship for a record breaking streak of 6 wins in a row. Germany consecutively won the 6th  championship in 2015 in a row. So, that makes them the European Champions. That makes them to hold 2nd position in the FIFA ranking.

Will Germnay able to eliminate the USA and be ranked top in FIFA Women’s rank by wining the World Cup 2019? And USA be able to defend their World Cup title against other 23 teams ?

Let’s enjoy the women’s football !!

Old is Gold

Old is gold is one of saying that describes the old one is still doing better in the numbered age. In the world of football there are some players who were out numbered in age and still got some nerves in the field. Quotes be like, “Age is just like number”, yeah it is. Age is just a number, it shows how old are you but not how able are you to be in a field, weak or strong. It’s on you, how you maintain yourself physically as well as mentally.

There are these players who were aged and still playing.

Andrea Pirlo, who had a half of his carer goal with this curling free kick. Surprised ? Do not, as a matter of fact it is. He is now 39 years old still playing for the club New York City F.C. . He still got some curling magic in the USA. Joining alongside his country rivalry Spanish striker David Villa. They both are playing for same club with some immense football.

Gianluigi Buffon, another Italian player in a position of GK. He did had a great season with Juventus. Juventus recently get eliminated from UEFA Champions Legue Final twice in 3 years. But all they had achieved to there ,  Buffon had his huge hands to keep them alive and more clean sheets in a games.
Zlatan Ibrahimović, the stunner, who stunned the world of football with more acrobatic goals in his carer. He had once a overhead kick  from 30 yard vs England. That was best but not last one. The 35 year Swedish player still got some years to amaze the world with some stunning goals.
Hope we get to see that the magics of old men when we are young.


Do you know the window is open (2017/2018)?

Every house has a window. Can’t say every but we know we hadn’t seen any without these (window), like we could also not imagine house without the window.

Such like house , football is also like a place where footballer stays. Actually they stay for a particular club to spend the rest of their season until the contract they signed get expired. But also they could move from one particular club to another but the club who want that player have to pay amount to the other club who is selling that player.

These process in football is known as transfer. As generally we know what does the transfer mean. And this is process is held twice in a year. Once at the beginning of the season and the another at the middle of the season at January / winter. There are various phase to complete the transfer. Initially the club have to agree the bid from the another club where there (club that going to sell the player) deal meets another club. Then after agreeing the bid player are leave to go on further process. Process like medical, athleticism test so they can fit in the club. After all these process have been finished properly the player set to join the another club.

There are some pretty expensive transfer that has been done in the 17/18 transfer window. Liverpool and Manchester City had made pretty good transfer.

  1. Mohamad Salah: Roma -Liverpool, £39million
  2. Bernardo Silva: Monaco – Manchester City, £43million
  3. Ederson: Benfica -Manchester City£35million

There are some biggest transfer in the club history that has been taken up to now. Some top ten record breaking transfer are mention below,

10.  Zinedine Zidane: Juventus to Real Madrid, €75M (2001)

9.   Angel Di Maria: Real Madrid to Manchester United, €75M (2014)

8.   Kevin De Bruyne: Wolfsburg to Manchester City, €75.7M (2015)

7.  James Rodriguez: AS Monaco to Real Madrid, €79.8M (2014)

6.  Luis Suarez: Liverpool to Barcelona, €81.7M (2014)

5.  Neymar: Santos to Barcelona, €86.2M (2013)

4.  Gonzalo Higuain: Napoli to Juventus, €90 (2016)

3.  Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United to Real Madrid, €94M (2009)

2.  Gareth Bale: Tottenham to Real Madrid, €100.8M (2013)

1.   Paul Pogba: Juventus to Manchester United, €105M, (2016)

So, here we have Paul Pogba the 24 year old France player who became the world most expensive player during the summer of 2016. It took a record-breaking fee to carry him down to English giant Manchester United from the Serie A side’s, though. They wanted Pogba back, and they finally got him.


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I was and I am.

Every player had something to disappoint on their past. Not every but some players  had a kinda past in the club, that they were set to leave in a short period of time. But after a season or a few season in another club they get more time in field than on bench which enhance their playing ability. Some players just work hard and also couldn’t fit in the club in a way, but they do. They just need some time to fit however more time in field.

The bond between a player and managers/staffs/players(other) also things that matter in a football for a better relationships. More the relationship is strong in a club more the communication became better for a player and goes well in the field.

Some clubs just throw players who lack in their sight and doesn’t fit the club in a way they want. But later on the same player became the hero. Isn’t that sound unusual ?

But we had witnessed this right ? There are some players who had gave their everything after being  pitched out from their old club. The new club probably had given those player a good period of time and kept a sustainable bond to rely on them. Players like Romeo Lukaku , Kevin De Bryune, Mohomad Salah, Pogba, are some players who were just being unused and benched for a while. Their ability were not being much shown up in their old clubs. But they have gone much farther than they were expected.

Romelu Lukaku in Everton, he became one of the goal machine and break the all time top scorer of Everton where he brace 21 goals in a single year.


Kevin De Bruyne, who left chelsea for Wolfsburg , became the Bundesliga Player of the year once, then he was introduced to Manchester City where his assist magic still work fantastically.


Mohomad Salah who was flop at the Chelsea now, Liverpool had them. Salah was impressive in AS Roma playing in a wing. His performance make Liverpool lure to him and pay a record breaking fee of 36.9 million British pound.


Pogba the most expensive football player ever been in a history of football. Earlier he was at Manchester united but showing poor performance in past he failed to impress the great Sir Alex Ferguson and let him to join Juventus. And later who knows that this kid would be like one with tagged priced euro 105M. Manchester United wanted so desperately and get them back.

These were the story of some players who showed the football that what they are actually. It is only the matter of time to be fade in and show the best of them. But the best one is still the one who holds the past, couldn’t deny that.